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With so many new products hitting the market every day, it can be hard to identify the true innovators in the crowd. SwimDek, manufacturer of EVA non-skid products for the spa and hot tub market, has a long history of materials pioneering and quality manufacturing.

SwimDek is the sister company of SeaDek Marine Products, the company that introduced EVA decking to the marine industry over a decade ago. With a dedication to constant improvement, SeaDek continually experimented, tested, and re-formulated their EVA foam to achieve a product superior to anything currently available in every way.


UV resistant, durable, and with just the right amount of cushion, SwimDek uses the same proprietary formula to produce pads that will stand up to everything the elements have to dish out. The closed-cell composition of the foam means that it will not absorb water, meaning no mold, mildew, or odors to contend with.


SwimDek is the innovative new non-skid material for spas and hot tubs that provides exceptional non-skid characteristics while remaining soft and comfortable underfoot. Made from a unique formula of UV resistant closed-cell EVA foam, SwimDek is a supple, shock-absorbent alternative to traditional non-skid. Fully customizable and featuring a robust 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel and stick application, SwimDek can be tailored to almost any application.

EVA foam non-skid represents the future of comfort, traction, and style for spas and hot tubs of all kinds. Contact us today to let SwimDek work for you!