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Therapy jets, check. Ambient lighting, check. Premium sound options, check. Rubber traction mats, no way. You have designed every part of your spas with luxury and richness in mind, so why are you using non-skid that looks like it came out of a washtub?

Your spas deserve SwimDek, the high-performing non-skid product that brings style and sophistication to the spa and hot tub. Discerning customers demand the best, and SwimDek provides high-end aesthetics that define the luxurious experience of the spa. Soft and comfortable to the touch, the colors, textures, and finished look of SwimDek adds the final touch to spas and hot tubs with refined elegance.


Made from a unique formula of UV resistant closed-cell EVA foam, SwimDek is specifically designed to deliver safety, comfort, and style in the aquatic environment. Utilizing a powerful 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation and a long-lasting bond, SwimDek is manufactured using CNC technology to ensure an accurate fit and finish.


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