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When we say that installing SwimDek is a breeze, we really mean it! Unlike many non-skid products on the market, SwimDek requires no mounting hardware or messy glues to perform a flawless installation every time.

By working closely with the team at 3MTM, SwimDek achieved a formula of pressure sensitive adhesive that forms a strong and long-lasting bond above and below the water line, ensuring many years of use. Peel-and-stick application makes installation fast and accurate for everyone from the professional to the homeowner, speeding manufacturing times and facilitating easy aftermarket installation.


By eliminating the need for screws, snaps, and clips, SwimDek has no parts to rust or corrode, guaranteeing maintenance free service for the life of the product.


SwimDek is the innovative new non-skid material for spas and hot tubs that provides exceptional non-skid characteristics while remaining soft and comfortable underfoot. Made from a unique formula of UV resistant closed-cell EVA foam, SwimDek is a supple, shock-absorbent alternative to traditional non-skid. Fully customizable, SwimDek can be tailored to almost any application requiring a luxurious non-skid surface.

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