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For both commercial and private waterslides, the entry zone presents unique hazards in the aquatic environment. From slips and falls on slick slide surfaces, to accidental departure before the previous rider has cleared the slide, it is crucial that users stay securely in place until they are ready to take off.

And with waterslides being all about fun, the entry point should look good and feel great too!

SwimDek delivers the ultimate solution to these problems. With its unique formula of UV-stable, closed-cell EVA foam that will not absorb water, SwimDek offers a superior non-skid product that provides un-paralleled traction, while remaining pleasantly comfortable and luxurious.

Of all the many applications of SwimDek, waterslides may well be one of the most crucial for guests. Operators can feel confident in SwimDek, and trust it to provide years of reliable service thanks to its high-quality, durable construction. Every SwimDek product is manufactured to the highest standards with a special attention to detail and quality.

And while safety is always first priority around the water, hotels and water parks love the custom branding opportunities possible with SwimDek. Utilizing innovative logoing techniques, including CNC routing and laser etching, SwimDek can create pads that leave a lasting impression on guests, and provide gorgeous accents to water features in any setting.

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