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Hot Tubs

SwimDek is the perfect solution to hot tub surfaces that are slick and dangerous.  Whether on the floor, seats, or steps, SwimDek provides a comfortable non-skid option that prevents slips and falls while remaining extremely pleasant to the touch. Being fully customizable, SwimDek brings an element of style and sophistication to the otherwise bland shell of the out-of-the-box hot tub.

Swim Spas

With the recent surge in popularity of swim spas, SwimDek has seen an uptick in demand for its line of pads that provide unparalleled traction above and below the waterline.  With modern swim spas featuring multiple exercise options, including rowing, resistance bands, and jogging against current, SwimDek ensures safety and sure footing while exercising, and entering and exiting the spa.  Designed to meet the demands of some of the world’s largest manufactures, including Master Spas and their Michael Phelps and H2X swim spa lines, SwimDek provides a durable non-skid surface that allows users to utilize their spas to the fullest.


Shower floors are often the most hazardous area of a facility, presenting a slipping risk for patrons, patients, clients, or guests. The robust non-skid characteristics of SwimDek greatly reduce the risk of fall, while providing a soft and luxurious alternative to hard tile and porcelain surfaces.

Thanks to its closed-cell PE/EVA blended material construction, SwimDek does not absorb water, meaning no mold, mildew, or bacteria. This same material means SwimDek is stain resistant and easy to clean—a necessity for public facilities.

Whether in an aquatic, medical, assisted living, or private setting, SwimDek is the perfect customizable material to keep shower users safe, clean, and comfortable.

Composite Decks

SwimDek performs equally well above the water as below. As a viable alternative to traditional pool deck textures, SwimDek provides superior non-skid traits and a comfortable shock-absorbing surface, while also bringing a luxurious visual statement to your pool or spa.

SwimDek is completely customizable, and with a continually expanding color pallet and infinite combinations available, SwimDek can create a spectacular deck kit that transforms a pool deck from mundane to magnificent.

Through the use of CAD/CAM design, laser etching and CNC technology, SwimDek can provide intricate logo and design work to bring a personal touch to the home patio, or lasting branding for your business.

Say goodbye to harsh traditional decking and say hello to SwimDek.

Swim Surface Pad Selection

What is EVA?

EVA, also known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate, is a closed-cell foam material that is prized for its softness and flexibility. SwimDek has created a proprietary formula of EVA that is highly UV resistant and capable of standing up to the harsh elements that define most pool and spa environments. The unique SwimDek formula has been rigorously tested for over a decade to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards that directly contribute to outdoor performance.

SwimDek’s EVA foam features a closed-cell structure, which means that it will not absorb water—above or below the water line. SwimDek pads dry rapidly and are highly resistant to mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors, as well as being extremely stain resistant.

Another attribute of EVA is its softness under foot. The shock-absorbing material greatly reduces fatigue during prolonged periods of standing, while simultaneously remaining extremely durable.

EVA is an innovative material that can be trusted to stand up to the elements and deliver unsurpassed traction and comfort for many years of use.

Swim Surface Pad Features


Whether sitting, standing, or lying down, SwimDek provides a soft and comfortable surface that reduces fatigue and is pleasant to the touch. The pool and spa surfaces of the past have characteristically been hard, abrasive, and uninviting at best. SwimDek has changed all of that with a supple surface that users won’t want to take their feet off.

Safety and Non-Skid Pads

SwimDek offers some of the most robust non-skid characteristics in the industry. When safety is of the utmost priority, users can depend on SwimDek to deliver unsurpassed traction, whether wet or dry.

Perfect for spa floors, steps, and surrounding decking, SwimDek non-skid actually delivers more traction as the material becomes wet. Adults, kids, and families will appreciate the peace of mind that SwimDek brings to the pool and spa.


SwimDek can transform a pool or spa into a literal work of art. With an extensive selection of colors, textures, and thicknesses, the stylistic possibilities are endless. The time has come to bring luxury and beauty to the pool and spa market, and SwimDek adds the elements of sophistication and taste to an otherwise bland landscape.

With a seasoned in-house design team, SwimDek can create pads with design features that range from classic teak planks to ultra-modern works of art, and everything in between.

When its time to set your spas apart from the rest and embrace the luxury of the spa experience, turn to SwimDek.


The demanding conditions of the pool and spa environment necessitate the use of high quality materials designed to withstand all types of abuse. SwimDek has been extensively tested to ensure that it meets strict quality standards, and is guaranteed to perform in the most adverse conditions.

SwimDek is specially formulated to be UV stable, meaning it won’t fade, crack or deteriorate from the sun’s rays. It is also stain resistant and physically durable, making it extremely resistant to tearing and scuffing that materials in high-traffic areas are subject to.

Finally, SwimDek features an acrylic-based 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive that forms a strong and lasting bond with the surface that it is adhered to. Users can be confident that SwimDek will stand up to many years of use and enjoyment.


SwimDek’s manufacturing process allows for detailed logos to be added for personalization and bold company branding. Because most SwimDek kits features two colors of foam laminated together, our CNC routers can cut intricate features through the top layer to expose a contrasting bottom layer. This routed design style provides sharp and vivid graphics that ensure ultimate visibility of your company or brand.  Additionally, we offer laser logo capabilities for fine, detailed branding and design work. With a team of creative CAD and graphic designers, SwimDek can create unique logos and designs, or work with supplied images, to turn pools and spas into works of art.