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With so many hard and potentially dangerous surfaces in and around spas and hot tubs, it is important to utilize a non-skid material that is versatile enough for use across many of those surfaces. SwimDek is compatible with a wide variety of materials commonly found in the aquatic environment, making it the perfect choice when consistency is essential for a luxurious setting.


Fiberglass, acrylics, porcelain, select composites, and metal are just a few of the materials that SwimDek forms an exceptional bond with, creating countless possibilities for traction, comfort, and unique stylistic expression that enhances the spa and hot tub experience.

By utilizing a 3MTM acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive, SwimDek’s peel-and-stick application makes installation simple, while simultaneously providing a reliable and lasting bond to its substrate. With proper surface preparation, installation can be performed in a short amount of time, while its strength can be trusted for many years of use.


Manufacturers appreciate SwimDek’s adaptability, knowing they will achieve maximum adhesion to most common industry materials. With no hardware or holes required, spas retain maximum structural integrity without any of the compromise associated with more invasive installation methods.

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